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There are many suppliers for multi-lingual conferences and events and knowing what equipment and standard of services are included can be the difference between a great and bad experience. That’s why we have outlined the 5 points of difference that exemplify our ability to provide you with the very best equipment and service in Indonesia.

1. Our reliable and complete system

Our Bosch equipment is designed as a complete system to facilitate Simultaneous Interpretation. From audio input, interpreter consoles (ISO20109 Compliant), digital infrared radiators, to our receivers and microphones, it all integrates.

Other suppliers use cheap Chinese, low quality and incomplete systems, resulting in poor audio and sometimes an unusable solution.

Using a complete Bosch system guarantees perfect coverage, and users often expect high-quality audio.

2. We look after our interpreters!

We understand and value interpreters and their integral part in the simultaneous interpretation solution. Which is why we have strong relationships with the best interpretation businesses and freelance interpreters across Asia. We have established mutually beneficial relationships with interpreters and refer clients to our trusted network of interpreters.

​Our booths are built to the international standard of ISO-4043, ensuring quality, efficiency and safety. The main point of differentiation is in the details.

• Soundproof

• Air ventilation

• Visibility for interpreters

• Personalised lighting for interpreters

• Laptop power

They can be dismantled, transported and put together to suit various conference room layouts. While other booths we have encountered lack some or all, of the features mentioned above, which we have seen impact event's performance.

3. Our team speaks English, Bahasa Indonesian and Japanese

Clients and delegates can talk directly to our technicians without the need for an interpreter. Saving time and ensuring the event runs smoothly, effectively and well above expectations.

4. We are always well prepared

Our operations team thoroughly tests our equipment before the event to guarantee quality and overall success. We are punctual, well dressed and alert and diligent during the event, ensuring the interpreters are looked after. Fetching them water and politely ushering delegates to move when their view of the speaker is blocked.

5. We customise every solution

Instead of delivering a one-size-fits-all “package” we ensure that all your needs are met by personalizing and adjusting our solutions to align with the event goals. We have a wide range of options and solutions to match a variety of requirements and budgets.

With all this in mind, a simultaneous interpretation system should always be personalised to your event requirements as no two events are alike. It is also essential to consider the level of service and quality of equipment you are receiving. These key areas can be a determining factor in the success or failure of your event.

For more information on Interpretation, visit our Interpretation Equipment explanation page or call Paula +62 812 3919 0050


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