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About Congress Indonesia

Tentang Congress Indonesia

Indonesia's Leading and Largest Supplier of Simultaneous Interpretation Rental Services

Who we are

UN conference
ASEAN conference

Congress Rental is an audio-visual solutions provider specialising in Simultaneous Interpretation and Conferencing Solutions for the events industry. With over 20 years of experience in our field, our expertise makes us the trusted advisors to our clients and the leading supplier of Simultaneous Interpretation and Conferencing Solutions in Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Over the last 20 years, Congress Rental has handled many major projects, some of which include:

  • ASEAN-Australia Leaders Special Summit 2018

  • APEC Leaders PNG 2018

  • G20 Leaders Brisbane 2015

  • APEC Leaders Sydney 2007

  • IISS Meetings Bahrain 2008-2018

  • ASEAN Leaders Singapore 2018

  • ASEAN Leaders Laos 2016

  • ASEAN Leaders Brunei 2013

  • CHOGM Leaders Sri-Lands 2013

  • EU-Asia Leaders 2012

  • APEC Leaders Singapore 2009

  • IISS Meetings Singapore 2010-2018

Our solutions use only the latest and best technology. They are set up by our highly trained, expert technicians, giving our clients the highest level of service. Our customer-oriented team will work to provide a tailored, seamless solution and ensure that our clients enjoy a stress-free experience working with us.


​Our full range of solutions includes Simultaneous Interpretation, Conference Microphones, Silent Conference, Tour Guide Systems, Audience Response, and Remote Interpretation. By specialising in these solutions, we avoid competing with our traditional AV partners and our Interpreter provider partners. Instead, our strategy gives our clients the flexibility to choose their preferred AV and Interpreter solutions to integrate into our solutions.

Our History

G20 conference
Conference microphones in use
Silent conference

Congress Rental Australia’s roots lie with Philips Australia. As Australia became increasingly connected to global markets and cultures, Philips founded the Interpretation Rental division. Their core mission was to provide leading technology that could facilitate smooth communication between languages.

In 1975, Neville Barbey was tasked with managing the division. Under his supervision, it was the primary provider of interpretation equipment solutions for multilingual meetings and events across Australia.

Over the next two decades Philips’ Interpretation Rental division continued their success, until 2000, when they decided to sell the business. Their final major project under Philips was the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

It was eventually purchased later that year by Jeremy Ducklin who evolved the business to form Congress Rental Australia. Having previously worked at Philips as a member of the Interpretation Rental team, Jeremy saw the potential for the business to grow in the ever-changing landscape of international meetings and events.

Under Jeremy’s new direction, Congress Rental Australia developed the culture of excellence that the team still follows today. It was with this excellence and high-quality service that they continued to support major events including the APEC 2007 meetings, G20 Leader’s Summit in Brisbane 2014, and more recently the Million Dollar Round Table in 2019.

After dominating the Australian market for decades, the business soon expanded into the wider Asia-Pacific region, with Jeremy founding Congress Rental Singapore in 2006 and later Congress Rental Indonesia in 2017.

Today, Congress Rental Australia remains Australia and Asia-Pacific’s leading supplier of Simultaneous Interpretation solutions thanks to over 20 years of excellence and dedication to their field.

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