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Viable and Operable Ideas for Child Equality (VOICE) Conference 2018


Congress Rental Indonesia supports VOICE Conference

The 2018 Viable and Operable Ideas for Child Equality (VOICE) Conference discussed finding scientific answers to the 21st century challenges for families, communities and public policy. The 3-day conference was held in Bali, Indonesia at the Westin International Conference Centre, in Nusa Dua. Congress Rental supplied a Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) System to support the interpretation of Indonesian to English and vice versa. 

The conference was held across four breakouts, each fitted with an Interpretation Booth and two interpretation desks. Using interpretation booths was beneficial for all parties involved. In particular, Congress Rental’s booths are:

  • Designed with structural materials that meet international standards (ISO-4043 Compliant)

  • Soundproof – no noise disruptions to delegates

  • Appropriate ventilation for the interpreters

​Infrared radiators were set up around the room to transfer audio to the receivers. Delegates were handed a receiver before a session commenced and these were collected on departure to ensure there were no losses to the end client.


The client initially requested to hire a whisper system, also known as a tour guide system. Congress Rental conducted a site visit to the Bali Conference Centre before the conference. Due to the client’s requirements, venue constraints and delegate numbers, the SI system was the better option out of the two. 

The issues that can arise when using a tour guide system as a whisper system (SI):

  • No sound reinforcement – interpreter works at the back from the room which is distracting for delegates and can be more difficult for the interpreter

  • Limited number of people can be supported – unlike infrared SI this solution can only support smaller groups about 20- 40 units

  • Reduced audio quality

​Congress Rental’s expertise and years of experience with customisation, installation and management of Simultaneous Interpretation resulted in yet another successful event. 

Interested in learning more about our Interpretation Equipment? 

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