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Swiss Reinsurance


Client Profile


Swiss Reinsurance, headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, is the only reinsurer with a client-centric model with teams built around their clients on a global basis. With a strong reputation in innovative reinsurance and risk management solutions, Swiss Reinsurance is committed to engage with the world to find more robust solutions to common perils. For its flag ship Asia Claims Conference in 2010, they wanted to differentiate this conference for their clients as well as business associates

The Challenge


Instead of just talking to their participants throughout the two-day meeting, the organisers wanted to have an interactive conference where the audience is included as part of the event. When the organizing committee first went in search of the audience response solution on the internet, they had never heard of this technology.

In order to gather inputs to make improvements for the next meeting, the team wanted to receive feedback from the audience. A tradition paper-based evaluation form was thought to be too time consuming and painstaking to compile.



To make the event more interactive, lively and productive, Swiss Reinsurance engaged Congress Rental to provide an audience response system.

The audience response system was ideal for Asian audience as it kept the audience engaged throughout the conference while building rapport between them and the various speakers.  The participants were polled on various issues ranging from their concerns about the current global economic situation on the insurance market to their thoughts on claims related issues on specific industry sectors at appropriate intervals during the conference.

The speakers were able to gauge the knowledge of the audience which helped them to pace their presentations. Evaluation of the presentations and event were also conducted using the interactive system, making this a greener meeting. The response rates were much higher than anticipated, where about 70% of the audience responded.



Swiss Reinsurance was able to harness the benefits of technology to capture information while maximizing feedback during the event. Attendees gave positive feedback on the enhanced interaction as the handsets added an extra dimension to the event. With the reports provided at the end of the event, Swiss Reinsurance was able to gain insights into the results and at the same time use the feedback to help shape their future events.

"This was our first time using an Audience Response System so we were concerned about its reliability.  But we need not have worried as everything went 100%. We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of information that we gathered from the post event reports because of the high response rates!  We can’t wait to utilize even more features of the Communicator at our next meeting"

Valerie Khoo, Assistant Vice President, Claims & Liabilities

"We are very impressed with the fantastic consultation provided by Congress Rental.  Jeremy Ducklin, their Managing Director, flew down personally from Australia to ensure that all details are taken care of. I have recommended their services to many of our business associates." 

Patricia Mack, Vice President, Claims & Liabilities

"We are pleased with the professional services provided from pre-sales response, proposal and clarification of our questions through to the execution and wrap up of the event." 

Member of Organising Committee

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