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Laptop event software monitoring

Software Monitoring

Interpreter Software Monitoring

Interpreters are monitored using the Bosch Software. This software allows our technicians to see the channel that the interpreter is operating on, their incoming channels and their outgoing channels. We can remotely configure the booth languages, allowing instantaneous changes of booth configurations. Interpreter microphones can be remotely turned on and off, if they forget. ​The software also allows the interpreters to call the technician and indicate to the presenter that they need to speak more slowly, if required

Software Screen Shots

Click on the slide show number below the main image to view a screen shot of the following interpretation monitoring software pages:

  1. Meeting Deactivated

  2. Start a Meeting

  3. Operation Mode

  4. Interpreter Desks Activated

  5. Slow Button Activated
    (Slow: 2 means that 2 x desks have pressed the slow button)

  6. Help Button Activated

  7. Usher Page

  8. Cancel Service Calls (Help)

Bosch monitoring software

Meeting Deactivated

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