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LNCT Network-Wide Meeting: Resource Mobilisation 2019


Congress Rental Indonesia supports LNCT Network Wide Meeting

The theme of this year’s LNCT Network-Wide Meeting was Resource Mobilization. Representatives from the Ministries of Health and Finance, National Health Insurance Institutions and National Centres for Disease Control came together to discuss and strategize on the delivery of quality immunisation services using domestic resources. 
Congress Rental supported the three-day event, running from the 3rd to the 5th of July, at JHL Solitaire Tangerang with Simultaneous Interpretation and Tour Guide Systems. The BOSCH Digital Infra-red Receivers allowed 110 delegates to listen to the interpretation in the Ballroom, with three sound-proof booths positioned to the side of the room. Interpreters specialising in the languages of Russian, French and Portuguese travelled from Hong Kong, Switzerland and Jakarta.
Delegates and Speakers were undisturbed by the interpreters due to the Booth’s high-quality sound-proof structure. These booths are approved by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) achieving the 4043 standard for quality, efficiency and safety.
The following day, delegates split into three groups to tour hospital clinics and Indonesia’s National Health Insurance (BPJS) office. The speaker was able to easily communicate with the group without raising their voice, using the audio tour guide system. 
On the last day, the group split into breakout rooms, each equipped with a whisper system and relevant interpreters. Interpreters were organised and managed by Alexandre Ponomarev, an experienced Swiss Interpreter. The interpreters throughout the event were pleased with the Congress Rental Equipment.


One of the challenges was the coordination of multiple solutions over the three days. When the Whisper System was in use, it was important for the technicians to ensure that the interpreter was at an optimal distance from the delegates. Not too close to the group, as it would distract the delegates, nor too far as they would lose signal.
The discussion and tours were a success, due to the experience and exceptional service of interpreters and technicians. Congress Rental technicians listened to each of the channels to ensure perfect audio quality and assisted the client and interpreters where needed.

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