International Water Week 2016


interpretation booths in room
interpretation booths in room

Simultaneous Interpretation Booths

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leaders conference equipment
leaders conference equipment

A view of the room, back to the operations area and Booths.

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conference microphones
conference microphones

Specially printed user instructions for Microphones and Receivers.

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World Cities Summit, Singapore International Water Week and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore 2016

Date: 10 – 14 July 2016
Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


  • 1 Mayor Forum Room

  • 1 Main Plenary

  • 11 Breakout rooms

  • 9 Interpreter Booths

  • 11 Dome Cameras

  • 2900 Receivers

Mayors Forum

  • 162 Conference microphones

  • 3 SI Booths

  • 11 Dome Cameras

  • 250 Receivers + Headphones

  • 1 Transmitter 2 CCUs

  • Radiators

  • Digital Recording

Main Plenary – Ballroom ABCDEFGH

  • 2 SI Booths 2500 Receivers + Headphones

  • 1 Transmitter

  • 1 CCU Radiators

  • Digital Recording

Technical Challenges
Room Changes 
Each evening, most rooms were re-configured for the following day’s events. Requiring two teams, one doing the changeovers and the other team fresh to start early the next day.

163 Microphones 
163 microphones in a single room, is a challenge in itself, but then add 11 dome cameras and the programming of all of these and having the whole thing integrate together was a big challenge. It all worked perfectly on the day.

Large Quantities of Receivers & Radiators 
2900 Receivers is a large quantity, so we called on our Congress Rental Network Partners to help us with additional receivers & Radiators to support this event.

Interested in learning more about our Conference Microphones?