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Infrared Interpretation Equipment

Peralatan Penerjemahan Infrared


Indonesia's Best Infrared Interpretation Equipment Systems

Congress Rental Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment is perfect for any style of meeting or event that requires language support. Our Bosch Interpretation System uses the latest infrared wireless technology to provide high-definition language audio to your delegates. Backed by 20 years of experience from countless live and online events, we provide only the best Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Systems for your needs.

Why Infrared?


Superior audio quality

Infrared technology allows for far superior audio quality than any potential alternative RF or FM systems. Delegates can enjoy clear audio output while moving around freely and not having to be physically connected to the system.


Interference-free transmission

Delegates can move around freely, even in direct sunlight and experience no interference. Infrared will not interfere with any other AV technologies, even in the largest of venues.


Confidentiality guaranteed

Infrared radiators cannot pass signals through walls or ceilings. This means sensitive issues can be discussed in confidence. It also means for multi room venues there will be no signal interference.


Up to 32 Channels

Our system can facilitate up to 32 language channels simultaneously.  Additionally, the receiver only displays available channels so guests won't have to scroll through empty ones.


Seamless integration

All of our conference microphone systems can be integrated for an infrared output. This gives you the freedom to choose any conference microphone system depending on your individual needs and still harness the unique advantages of infrared.


Long battery life

Our infrared pocket receivers receive a full charge from the charging units after 105 minutes. A fully charged battery can last 200 hours when using a battery pack.

What components make up an Infrared Language Distribution System?


Pocket Receiver




Charging Unit






Additional Accessories

Organisations and brands worldwide love our simultaneous interpretation solutions

What is Simultaneous Interpretation and how does it work?

Simultaneous Interpretation (​also known as Simultaneous Translation) requires specialised conference interpreters who can interpret spoken word as it's being spoken. This reduces the time that delegates need to wait before being able to understand the speaker and preserves the flow of speech. There are three main steps in the Simultaneous Interpretation process supported by dedicated simultaneous interpreting equipment to ensure a high level of professionalism:

​Step 1: Floor Language is Spoken

The ‘floor language’, spoken by the guest speaker, conference lecturer or main presenter is transmitted wirelessly through the main microphone or ‘floor feed’ to the translation control room.

Step 2: Interpreters Listen

The control room is usually in a separate location in a soundproof interpreting / translation booth or sometimes at the back of the auditorium. From here, the interpreter or interpreting team listens to the content live as it is broadcast.

Step 3: Interpretation and Delivery

The content is concurrently replicated and interpreted by the interpreter(s) in the Interpreting booth, which is delivered wirelessly to the corresponding audience members through infrared headsets.


Talk to our producers

Get Australia's best Simultaneous Interpretation Systems for your event!

Getting the best Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System for your event is simple:

1. We'll ask you for details about your event (i.e. duration, languages required, number of participants...)

2. We work with you to create the best Simultaneous Interpretation solution for your requirements.

3. Your delegates get to enjoy seamless, high-quality language interpreted audio.

Enjoy the benefits of working with a professional team with a track-record of delivering outstanding Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation Solutions. Complete the form to get started now.

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