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Honda Civic Media Release 2017


Remote Interpretation: The Perfect Solution for Space Deficits

May 2017 marked the launch of the new shape, five-door Honda Civic. The 10th of its generation, the newly remodelled Civic boasts a sportier look, roomier interior and increased stereo ambience. The media launch attracted guests from across Asia, featuring Japanese engineers from Honda, as well as many members of the Australian car media. Congress Rental was chosen to supply interpretation equipment for the event, facilitating interpretation for both English and Japanese dialects.

The event took place in the artistically modern Published Arthouse in Adelaide. However, the size dimensions and aesthetics of the room rendered traditional simultaneous interpretation impossible as there was no place for the interpreter or the booths.

Drawing from their expertise from years of technical training and experience, the Congress Rental team provided the same high-quality interpretation experience through remote interpretation. Stationed in a room beside the event space, the interpreters were provided with a high-resolution video feed so that they could deliver accurate interpretation for the delegates.

The room set-up was comparable to the set-up of an interpreter booth, with two interpreter desks and headsets arranged to communicate audio to the delegates. The event space also mirrored the set-up of traditional simultaneous interpretation, in that Bosch digital infrared technology was used to transmit the audio feed to each delegate.

Remote interpretation delivered the perfect solution for this event space, enabling the interpreters to provide their services to the delegates as though they were sitting beside them in the room. The Congress Rental team provided a high-quality, seamless experience despite the space constraints of the venue. 

Interested in learning more about Remote Interpretation for your next event? ​

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